Why Hindus worship Cow?

All the parts of the Cow denote 33 Divine Energies as per our Sanathana Dharma:-

Body Part

Name of Deva

1. Right Eye
2. Left Eye
3. Right Nostril
4. Left Nostril
5. Forehead
6. Above Forehead
Kubera - The lord of North & Wealth
7. Right Horn
8. Left Horn
9. Right Ear
Budha (Mercury)
10. Left Ear
Bhruhaspati (Jupiter)
11. Throat
Saraswathi - Goddess of Wisdom & Speech
12. Upper part of Throat
Vageeshwari - The vocal Speech
13. Lower part of Throat
NakuliVageeshwari - Subtle Speech
14. Right Thigh
Bhairav – Time as witness
15. Left Thigh
16. Right Heel to Ankle
Meru of the East
17. Left Heel to Ankle
Ameru of the West
18. Heart
19. Hump
Brahma - The creator
20. Stomach
21. Below Stomach
Bhoodevi - Goddess of Earth
22. Udder
Amrithasagar (Ocean of Immortality)
23. Above Udder Hierarchy
(Kumaras, Seven Seers and Naradha)
24. Tip of the Spine
Parvathi (Sakthi)
25. Hind
Sridevi - Goddess of Wealth
26. Below Hind
The celestial sacred waters (Rivers)
27. Tail
Serpent of Time
28. Right Thigh
Divine Path
29. Left Thigh
Path of Pitris
30. Right Leg
From South Pole Heel to Ankle
31. Left Leg
From North Pole Heel to Ankle
32 Teats
  • Front Right
  • Front Left
  • Back Right
  • Back Left
  • Rig Veda
  • Yajur Veda
  • Sama Veda
  • Atharvana Veda
33. Four Hooves
  • Front Right
  • Front Left
  • Back Right
  • Back Left
  • Existence
  • Awareness
  • Thought
  • Action

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