The cow’s horn is something special

Since the cow is holy, even the gorochana that is taken from inside its body becomes fit for being offered to the Lord in pooja. Many people know that in the sannidhi where Nataraja dances, Nandikeswara plays the mrudangam. But there is something more special than that. Abhishekam (holy bath) being performed to Iswara through the horn of a cow has been said to be something special.

It is said to be great punya if milk abhishekam is performed to Sivalinga through the hole of a gosringam (horn) for the duration of reciting Rudram – Chamakam once. Is it not appropriate that abhishekam is performed through gosringam to one who is seated on the bull?

If the cow gives milk, it is the bull that is useful in ploughing and raising crops. Thus it is the cattle that render great help to the humans. We have to show gratitude and devotion to them in a big way. We have to think that even a little harm caused to them is an offence committed against God.

Apart from abhishekam done through the horn, all the five materials used in Panchagavyam are used for the abhishekam of the Lord.

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