Nurturing the Cow is Punya, neglecting it is sin

To nurture the cow and protect it is punya which will give all benefits. To neglect it is a great sin which will invite curse and there is proof for this. There is proof for both in the life of Dilipan who was a king of the Solar dynasty. When he went to Devalokam, he returned without going round Kamadenu. For this mistake, he got a curse that he will not have progeny.

There is always a remedy for a curse. The calf of that Kamadenu, Nandini was with Vasishta, the Kulaguru of the Solar dynasty. On being told by Vasishta, Dilipan took Nandini for grazing, gave it a bath and rendered other forms of service.

He did all this along with his wife Sudakshina. The curse was remedied. He got a child who was to become Raghu and the Solar dynasty itself was to take his name as Raghuvamsam.

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