Easy way to feed a cow

It is not necessary that all of us should do some great sacrifice or make great efforts to feed the cows well and ensure that they do not starve. It is true that any amount of sacrifice or effort on our part for the sake of the cow is deserving. If some or even many people set out to do it, it is to be appreciated. But if attention is paid to a small matter by all people, several cows will get a good feed.

If we make arrangements to give as feed to the cows all the vegetable waste we generate in our homes daily, a number of cows will get fed. We cut vegetables daily at home. In hotels and hostels, this is done on a large scale. Instead of throwing away the vegetable waste, it should be collected in a special covered container. There should be volunteers who will collect them from door to door.

This idea should not be dismissed thinking that nothing much will become available by this way. Considering the amount of waste that gets generated daily in every home and more particularly in hotels and hostels, each day’s collection will be very substantial. We need not be concerned with the cows that are cared for well in rich homes and in farms. Our aim is to protect those cows which starve and are in danger of being dispatched to the slaughter house.

If this task is undertaken and carried out with care, we can see for ourselves that a large number of cows can be fed. We can also be the recipients of the grace of Lord Krishna.

Like the peeled off skins of vegetables, the water that is obtained when filtering cooked rice can also be given to the cows. But in most homes, rice is being cooked in cookers. Where rice is still being cooked in the conventional manner, this service can be rendered.

Even the water with which rice is washed before being kept for cooking becomes food for the cow. Wherever possible, a small plot can be allotted in the backyard of houses to grow greens that cows specially like.

We should think that we are offering food to Bhagawan Vasudeva and protect the cows by any of these means. Once we develop that feeling, we will not feel the strain in doing anything to help the cow.

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