Protective Shelters

Finally what needs to be done by all people coming together us to ensure that not a single cow goes to the slaughter house and till their natural death they are given food and are sheltered in hygienic sheds. For this purpose, shelters should be specially arranged for the cows which have stopped yielding milk. If individuals are not willing to keep them anymore and want to dispatch them to slaughter houses, they should be purchased from them and kept in such shelters.

Several owners of cows may be really poor and will be living a hard life. They cannot be expected to give them away free. But just because money has to be paid for such cows, not a single cow should be allowed to go to the slaughter house. It may be thought; “To purchase such cows from the owners will mean a lot of money. Apart from that it will be a demanding task to take care of the old cows’. But when we feel the importance of this service, money and labour do not count for much.

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