Law to prohibit cow slaughter

In the matter of cow protection which as to be ensured by the joint efforts of the people and the government, what the government must do is to make a law prohibiting cow slaughter. It is tireless persuasion on the part of the people that will pave the way for such a law.

There should be propaganda and publicity to persuade people of all sects to support the prevention of slaughter instead of stopping it out of fear for a law. Even those who have opposite views should be spoken to with love. It is important to know that the Moghul rulers Akbar and Shajehan and in very recent times Amir of Afghanistan realized the need for cow protection and made laws for that purpose.

Therefore, it is my belief that if the issue is properly put forth, people of all sects will extend to us their support. The government also cannot avoid making the law on the plea that such a law cannot be made against the views of some sections of people and the lawful protection will become available.
To protect certain things without being destroyed, it is possible only through law.

That is why the government enacts laws. Legal protection has been given even for the preservation of wild animals. Sandalwood trees are similarly protected. Similarly, certain other trees which provide food to adivasis have been protected in certain States.

Whether it is seen from the practical point of view or from the point of view of Vaidhikam, there is justification for not killing such a noble animal as the cow. The welfare of the cow will ensure the welfare of the country. If it is protected, sins will come down on their own. If it is subjected to cruelties, there will be trouble for the whole world.

According to Sasthras, Dharma Devatha is of the form of a bull (Rishabham) with four legs namely, thapas, purity, compassion and sathyam. In Bhagavatham (1.17) it is said ‘Gomatha’ is in association with that bull, that mother cow yields dharma as milk and because the Kali Purusha subjected the pair to cruelty, this age of Kali (Kaliyugam) is in a state of such deterioration’.

Therefore, for remedying the Kali dosham and dharma to come up, cow protection is an important measure. Lord Krishna should bestow His grace so that we do not suffer from the blemish of failing in that duty.

In Mahabharatham, in the ‘Anusasanika Parva’ in which Bhishma gives Upadesa of several dharmas to Yudhishtira, he speaks about cow protection and explains its greatness. Nahusha Maharaja was once under a compulsion to purchase Syavana Maharishi for a price. He was worried about what price he could give. He thought, ‘even if I give all the three worlds, that would not equal that great rishi’. At that juncture, a rishi who was born of a cow went to him and told him that if a cow was given as price, that would be adequate. The king also accepted the suggestion and said, ‘I have not found any wealth equal to a cow’ – ‘Gobisthulyam na paschyami dhanam kinchith’. He gave a cow as the price, purchased the rishi and then made him free.

There is no great punya that the gift of a cow. It is the greatest remedy for sins. The gift (dhanam) has to be made after making sure that the person who receives it is capable of protecting it.
One of the slokas which Syavana Maharishi says about the cow is:

Nivishtam gokulam yathra swasam munchathi nirbhayam
Virajayathi tham desam papam chasyapakarshathi

நிவ ப ம் லகாகுேம் யத்ர ச்வாாம் முஞ்சதி நிர்பயம் | வ ராஜயதி தம் லதசம் பாபம் சாகயாபகர்ஷதி ||

The meaning of the sloka is: “That country where cows have no fear of any cruelty being inflicted on them and live peacefully in gokula, all sins will go and will shine”.

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