Parameswara who is fond of abhishekam is also fond of vibhuthi. What the Lord wears is the ash of the burnt corpse. But the vibhuthi that we make, apply to him, do abhishekam also and we wear – where from does it come? It is by burning balls of the cow dung that it is made. There is nothing more sacred than vibhuthi. In the Basmajapalopanishad, Paramweswara himself explains in detail how vibhuthi is to be made and says that it removes all sins and gives moksha. The cow’s dung has got such pure Sakthi. Vaishnavas too wear with manthra the ash that gets generated in homas. In that, the ash of samid will be mixed with that of cow dung.

There are two ways of purification: One is to take bath and another is to apply vibhuthi over the body. We perform abhishekam to the Lord with vibhuthi. It is basically abhishekam with cow dung.

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