Society in the service of the Cow

I believe that if awareness is created among our vast population about the need for this service, the requisite finance and the required volunteers will become available. It is enough if a few people get together at different places and start making efforts with perseverance.

What should be noted in this is that there should not be a complete dichotomy between those who give money and those who volunteer to do physical service. The one who contributes money should also render some physical service and the one who volunteers to do physical service should also contribute some money. Only then, there will be a total involvement of all people.

Apart from this, in the society too, instead of there being two separate groups of people – those who contribute money and those who render physical service – all people will come together as one family and as children of Gomatha.

My wish is that in addition to we Hindus coming together as a family in the service of the cow, we have to carry this message with love to people of other religions also, involve them so that the entire society comes together as a family for doing the service. Religious affinity may take different forms for different people but since compassion to animals is common to all, all religionists in our country should come together on this basis. That is my wish.

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