Milk not to be wasted on Coffee

Whatever the cow yields is used yajnas and activities related to worship of god. We take the milk, curd etc and improve our health, but unfortunately what is happening us that most of the milk is being used for coffee. Milk is like amruth, but we mix it with decoction which contains poisonous caffeine. Just as cow protection is necessary, people must pay attention to the protection of the soul also and free themselves from the habit of drinking coffee.

Instead of taking several times, a part of the milk used for coffee should be given to the temples for abhishekam and a part to poor children. When there are lakhs of children who do not know the taste of milk, people drinking coffee several times in a day is a crime against society.

Instead of coffee in the morning, we can take ‘kanji’ with butter milk. It is said ‘dhagaram amrutham’. Dhagaram is butter milk.

From one measure of milk, we can get three or four times buttermilk and therefore it is economical too. Milk will not suit some constitutions. Gomatha gives buttermilk from milk for such people. People who should not take fatty food can take buttermilk obtained after removing the butter.

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