Even the Cow’s dung is pure

What appears to be opposite come together in the cow. I have said that its milk which is like its blood instead of spoiling the mind purifies it. What gives energy to the body also gives purity to the mind. More than all these, its dung which is actually its excreta also purifies. It purifies both the body and the mind. Usually, any excreta is dirty, foul smelling and capable of spreading disease. But the cow’s excreta is capable of removing all other dirt and killing disease causing bacteria. It has no foul smell. In fact, it has a kind of healthy smell.

There are several proofs to show how holy the cow dung is considered. There are Sadhus who strictly follow the rule that the sanyasi should not have any connection with fire. They will not take any food that is cooked on fire. But a section of sanyasis follow the custom of taking food cooked entirely by using cow dung cakes. It is because of the cow’s divinity, its dung too enjoys such greatness.

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