The Duty of the State and the People

By what is said above it should not be concluded that a legal ban on cow slaughter is now required. A law banning cow slaughter has to be passed as soon as possible but instead of the matter ending with that, there is the duty of the people.

It is to feed the cow well and provide for them sheds which are hygienic. For a long time now, many people have been pressing for a law to ban cow slaughter and have been even agitating for it. But they have not taken any specials steps to ensure what needs to be done by the people to protect the cow. In this matter, I myself have not done my duty well. It is only to point out our duty, I have said that what the other side says is not without justification.

One the whole, a law passed by the government is necessary. I want to emphasize that to the same extent, people should treat the cows well till they die a natural death.
On the one hand, we are religionists who worship the cow as a deity. On the other hand, we are making available for slaughter cows which have stopped yielding milk or we starve them. This hypocrisy is a great blemish on us. Till such time we do not protect the cows well until its natural death, we are unfit to call ourselves Hindus.

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