Ghee Lamp

Since the performance of yajnas has come down in numbers, there is very little scope for spending ghee on this account. But since god-related activities like puja at home, in temples, in mutts etc are still taking place, we can use ghee for lighting lamps. If we ourselves make cow’s ghee and give it to temples and mutts, it is great punya. The glow of ghee lamps which is white will induce internal purity also. It is specially good if it is in the sannidhis in temples.

It is the duty of devotees to ensure that ghee lamps are lighted in temples at least on Fridays. Whatever Gomatha gives with great compassion must be put to use. Now, either we do not take from her what she gives or use it in improper ways and we are also negligent in protecting her.

Gita says ‘Parasparam bhavayanthah’. We and the cow should protect each other mutually. The nourishment we get from the cow is much more than what we give her during the period she gives milk. The dharma of cow protection (go rakshanam) which has taken deep root in our ancient culture should reflect in our action.

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