National Wealth

When speaking about Cow protection we should not fail to express our gratitude to the ‘Nagarathar’ (a sect of rich merchants of Tamilnadu) and people of North India who maintain pinjarapoles for cow protection. In olden days, in order to ensure that the cows had enough to eat, grazing plots were properly maintained. With urbanization, it is all buildings and offices everywhere without garden or fields.

It is only now that the government has become aware that this kind of urban development deprives people of even oxygen and is therefore taking interest in ensuring vacant plots for play grounds etc. For the people living in towns, these are said to be their lungs. Along with these ‘lungs’, space should also be provided for grazing plots.

The cow should be considered national wealth. Even after it stops yielding milk, it is wealth because it gives dung till it dies. The dung is useful as manure. Nowadays, ‘gobar gas’ is also being produced from dung to be used as fuel.

But cow protection is not one which has to be considered in terms of economic viability. Since the cow has also divine and Vaidhika links, it has to be protected as we protect our mothers. We should put a stop to the practice of considering the cow as useful only as long as it yields milk.

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