Unpardonable Crime

Whether during the period the cow yields milk or when it stops yielding milk, if we do not give sufficient food to the cow, it is a great blemish on us. All of us are criminals in this respect. Our negligence here is unpardonable.

If we keep side by side our cow and the cow of other countries where it is not being given a status of divinity, we will feel ashamed. People of other countries, though they do not treat the cow as divine and though they may be eating its meat, they feed it well and keep it healthy. But we give it minimum food just to get milk from it. We cannot escape by saying that in other countries, the cows are fattened just for that meat. Whatever may be the reason so long as the cow is alive, they feed it well. Without taking measures to feed the cow well and protect it, there is no use of our shouting that cow slaughter should be prevented by law. Those who support cow slaughter point to the lean and emaciated cows that we keep and say that instead of keeping them like this, it is better to kill them as a relief to them. We are unable to counter this argument.

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