The Dust rising from the cow’s hoof

Just as the cow dung is sacred, the dust rising from its hoof is also sacred. Usually, dust from the feet is considered something lowly. But we accept the same with bhakthi from divine personages. The dust from the cow’s feet is also sacred.

When the cows return as a herd after grazing they raise a cloud of dust. If we stand at a place where such dust falls on our body, it is said to be a bath which is holier than a bath in holy water. Normally, we take bath to remove the dirt on our body. But here, dust itself becomes holy bath! Young Krishna had immersed himself in such dust.

His body being covered all the time with dust enhanced his appearance. Acharya himself has sung: ‘Saswath Gokura Nirdhudhoththadha dhuli dhusara sowbhagyam’. (Govindashtakam). The evening time when the cows return home as a herd raising dust is considered special and is described as ‘Godhuli lagnam’

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