Cow Protection in Olden Times

Although there is not use talking about it now, we cannot remain without doing so. Before the advent of British rule, in every place, in every village exclusive grazing plots have been allotted for cattle to graze. But the British government which did not know the importance of the welfare of the cows distributed those plots.

From that time, the cows started losing their food. Similarly, there were tanks meant exclusively for cattle. These have disappeared now. In the government’s plans of Minor Irrigation Works, such tanks should be included.

I shall give evidence to show with how much love people cared for the cattle in the olden times. For beings to get redemption, 32 different kinds of dharma (charity) are mentioned. This is also said to be 64.

One of these is to erect vertical stones against which the cattle can rub themselves to get relief from itching sensation. In a country where even such small things are considered as great dharma, we are making the cows skinny and bony and making way for killing them. It is a slur on us.

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