Cruelty to the cow is like killing the mother

What is said above namely the use of leather in musical instruments means leather taken from cows which die a natural death. Killing of cows (go hathi) is a great sin not to be thought of even in dreams. Not killing but even small cruelty caused to a cow is sin. We have seen that ‘go’ is mother. Therefore, killing of the cow is like killing the mother, a sin for which there is no remedy (prayaschiththam). I started speaking about the cow only to highlight this point.

If we enjoy the milk from the cow as long as it gives milk and then send it away for slaughter once it stops yielding milk, it is like killing the mother who has become old and cannot do any work. The meat of a cow is the same as the meat of a mother.

Since music is divine, it is necessary to play musical instruments in temples. But, for that purpose, if a cow is to be killed, the Lord will never forgive such acts. It is only the skin of a cow which dies a natural death that can be used for making musical instruments.

It is the same in respect of ‘gorochan’ which is in the cow’s stomach. It is true that it is offered as incense during pooja. It is also used in medicine. But the cow should not be harmed just for getting the gorochan. The skin or gorochan should be taken only from a cow that dies a natural death.

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